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Thursday, May 19, 2016

TANCET 2016 Eligibility criteria and Exam Schedule

TANCET 2016 Eligibility Criteria:
Candidates, who want to get PG admissions in engineering colleges affiliated to Anna University in TamilNadu, should have completed Degree of Graduation in relevant disciplines from recognized university or institute with good academic records.
Candidates must have passed any one of the following Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in the relevant field with a minimum of 50 % (45 % for candidates belonging to reserved category):
·         B.E / B.Tech. / B.Arch. degree program.
·         B.Pharm. / B.Sc (Agri. / Forestry / Horticulture / Fishery) degree program.
·         Master’s Degree in the relevant branch of Science / Arts as prescribed.
·         M.Sc. (5 years) Integrated Degree Program.
·         B.Sc. 3 years (CS / IT) and M.Sc. 2 years (CS/ IT)
·         MCA (3 years) after 10+2+3 year bachelor’s degree.
·         MCA Lateral Entry (2 years) after 10+2+3 years degree in BCA or B.Sc.(CS/ IT)
·         Candidates with 10+2+AMIE OR 10+3 year diploma awarded by the State Board of Technical Education and AMIE are also eligible for applying for this exam.

1)   AMIE Candidates with section ‘A’ & ‘B’ certificates and other similar certificate of professional bodies or societies are considered to be equivalent to B.E. / B.Tech. Degree holders only with 2 years regular full time Teaching / Industrial experience in the relevant field after successful completion of the course including project work provided they have enrolled before May 31st 2014. 
2)   AMIE Candidates must produce a valid experience certificate to be considered for GATE 2016 exams. 
3)   GATE 2016 qualified candidates in Engineering / Technology are exempted from attending TANCET 2016 exam and are admitted through a separate counselling process based on their GATE score. 
4)   Candidates who have a valid GATE 2016 score in Engineering Science (XE) and Life Science (XL) papers should also appear for TANCET 2016 examination along with other candidates.

TANCET 2016 Exam Schedule:
1.   Program: Masters of Computer Applications
         Date of exam: June 11th 2016
         Timings: from morning 10:00 am to afternoon 12:00 pm

2.   Program: Masters of Business Administration
Date of exam: June 11th 2016
Timings: from afternoon 2:30 pm to evening 4:30 pm

3.   Program: M.E/M.Tech/M.Arch/M.Plan
Date of exam: 12th June 2016
Timings: from morning 10:00 am to afternoon 12:00 pm

TANCET 2016 Application Procedure and Exam Fee particulars

Anna University, Chennai has declared an admission notification recently for Admissions to PG programs including M.Arch, M.C.A, M.E, M.Plan, M.Tech and M.B.A through TANCET exams 2016. Candidates, who want to get admission to the above said courses, have to fill TANCET Application Form in online TANCET registration website here:

Candidates who’re interested in appearing for the TANCET 2016 entrance exam may apply online from May 2nd to May 21st (Extended from May 17th) as TANCET Application form 2016 will be issued only through online mode this year. The online application form is very simple to fill. All you have to do is at first download Instructions & Information booklet, then go through it atleast twice or thrice and at last go to online registration page to apply for TANCET entrance examination for your respective stream.

You need to have a scanned copy of your recent passport size photograph and your handwritten signature at the time of applying online. Also candidates are advised to check out TANCET eligibility criteria before applying for the P.G entrance test and to take a print out of the online registration form for future correspondence. It is also essential to go through previous year TANCET question papers and sample papers to get yourselves familiar with the exam pattern and the possible question types.

TANCET Exam Fee:
  • Contenders, who are going to fill TANCET Application Form, have to deposit an amount of fee of Rs. 500/- for General and Rs. 250/- for reserved category.
  • Fee can be paid through online or offline mode only.

Procedure to fill TANCET 2016 Application Form:
  • Candidates must register at first by filling the necessary details like Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Email ID and Password
  • The Email Id is the User Login ID allotted to candidates for filling the TANCET 2016 Application Form
  • They must enter their personal, academic details and choose the discipline applying for as well as their preferred TANCET 2016 Exam Centre.
  • They must upload a photograph in JPEG or JPG format that must not exceed 25 KB in size.
  • After agreeing to the declaration as specified in the online application, candidates must pay the application fees online.
  • After submission, candidates must take a printout of the application form and keep it safe for future reference.
  • They must also note the unique TANCET 2016 Application Number that is generated at the time of registration.
  • They need not send the application form to Anna University.

TANCET 2016 Exam Pattern and Detailed Syllabus

TANCET exam is conducted every year to fill up vacancies in M.E/M.Tech/M.Arch and M.Plan Streams of Engineering. An analysis of exam pattern is as below:

  • The question paper will have three parts with Part 1 & 2 being compulsory and Part 3 is optional which will be based on the discipline chosen by the candidates while filling the TANCET 2016 Application Form..
  • The questions will be set at UG level of course of studies.
  • Part 1 & 2 will have thirty questions each carrying 30 marks with one mark for each correct answer for MCA and MBA Streams.
  • Part 3 contains 40 Questions in the chosen field with 1 mark for each correct answer for MCA and MBA Streams.
  • Part 1 will consist of 30 questions for 30 marks and Part 2 will have 45 questions for 30 marks for ME Streams.
  • Part 2 will feature either 45 questions with a maximum of 30 marks that can be scored for ME Streams.
  • Part 3 comprises of either 40 or 45 questions with a total of 40 marks to be scored for ME Streams.
Note: Negative marking of 1/3 will be deducted from a candidate's score for every wrong answer for all the Streams.

Syllabus for M.Tech / ME:
A. Part I (Engineering Mathematics):
  • Determinants and Matrices
  • Calculus and Differential Equations
  • Vector Calculus
  • Functions of Complex Variables and Complex Integration
  • Transforms
  • Numerical Methods
  • Applied Probability
B. Part II (Basic Engineering & Science):
  • Applied Mechanics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Physics
  • Material Science
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computers
  • Chemistry
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering And Instrumentation Engineering
  • Electronics And Communication Engineering
  • Mechanical, Automobile & Aeronautical Engineering
  • Leather Technology
  • Civil Engineering & Geo Informatics
  • Production And Industrial Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering, Ceramic Technology And Biotechnology
  • Computer Science & Engineering And Information Technology

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Schedule and Exam dates of TANCET 2016

The TANCET 2016 exam is conducted by Anna University for the admissions to the M.Tech and M.E in the various colleges in Tamilnadu.  The online window for registration was open from May 2nd 2016 to May 17th 2016 for various Post Graduate programs including Masters of Architecture, Master of computer Applications, Masters in Engineering, Masters in Planning and Masters of Technology. Now the latest update is that the examination will be held on 11th & 12th June 2016.

TANCET Exam Centers:

TANCET 2016 examination will be held at various exam centers in different cities as below:


Tancet 2016 Schedule:
A) Commencement of Registration of Application through online mode: May 2nd 2016
B) Last date for Registration of Application: May 21st 2016
C) Entrance Test for MCA and MBA Streams: June 11th 2016
D) Entrance Test for M.E/M.Tech/M.Arch/M.Plan Streams: June 12th 2016
E) Result date of Tancet 2016: Last week of June 2016
F) Date of release of Admit card: 2nd or 3rd week of May 2016

Click here to read our model Computer Science sample paper for MCA stream

Thursday, February 25, 2016

TANCET 2016 Computer Knowledge Question Paper for MCA Stream students

Hello TANCET 2016 Aspirant, we bring you another Computer Knowledge (Paper II) Sample question paper for your self-test ahead of upcoming TANCET 2016 Examination.

1. Programs from the same developer, sold bundled together, that provide better integration and share common features, tool bars and menus are known as ....

(A) software suites
(B) integrated software packages
(C) software processing packages
(D) personal information managers
(E) none of these

Ans : (A)

2. A data warehouse is which of the following ?

(A) Can be updated by the end users
(B) Contains numerous naming conventions and formats
(C) Organized around important subject areas
(D) Contains only current data
(E) None of these

Ans : (C)

3. ______________ servers store and manages files for network users.

(A) Authentication
(B) Main
(C) Web
(D) File
(E) None of these

Ans : (D)

4. All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risks Except _____

(A) hackers
(B) spam
(C) viruses
(D) identify theft
(E) None of these

Ans : (B)

5. ___________ terminals (formerly known as cash registers) are often connected to complex inventory and sales computer systems.

(A) Data
(B) Sales
(C) Query
(D) (Point-of-sale (POS)
(E) None of these

Ans : (B)

6. The OSI model is divided into _______ processes called layers.

(A) five
(B) six
(C) seven
(D) eight
(E) None of these

Ans : (C)

7. System software is the set of programs that enables your computer's hardware devices and ______ software to work together.

(A) management
(B) processing
(C) utility
(D) application
(E) None of these

Ans : (D)

8. ________ are specially designed computer chips reside inside other devices, such as your car or your electronic thermostat.

(A) Servers
(B) Embedded computers
(C) Robotic computers
(D) Mainframes
(E) None of these

Ans : (B)

9. The following are all computing devices , except.........

(A) notebook computers
(B) cellular telephones
(C) digital scanners
(D) personal digital assistants
(E) None of these

Ans : (C)

10. In a ring topology , the the computer in possession of the ______ can transmit data

(A) packet
(B) data
(C) access method
(D) token
(E) None of these

Ans : (D)

11. This part of operating system manages the essential peripherals, such as the keyboard, screen , disk drives, and parallel and serial ports ____

(A) basic input/output system
(B) secondary input/output system
(C) peripheral input/output system
(D) marginal input/output system
(E) None of these

Ans : (A)

12. ________ Viruses are often transmitted by a floppy disk left in the floppy drive

(A) Trojan horse
(B) Boot sector
(C) Script
(D) Logic bomb
(E) None of these

Ans : (B)

 13. ________ controls the way in which the computer system functions and  provides a me by which users can interact with the computer

(A) The platform
(B) Application software
(C) Operating system
(D) The motherboard
(E) None of these

Ans : (C)

14. Servers are computers that provide resources to other computers connected to a ___________

(A) mainframe
(B) network
(C) supercomputer
(D) client
(E) None of these

Ans : (B)

15. A goal of data mining includes which of the following?

(A) To explain some observed event or condition
(B) To confirm that data exists
(C) To analyze data for expected relationships
(D) To create a new data warehouse
(E) None of these

Ans : (A)

16. URL stands for ........

(A) Universal Research List
(B) Universal Resource List
(C) Uniform Resource Locator
(D) Uniform Research Locator
(E) None of these

Ans : (C)

17. A database management system (DBMS) is a ............

(A) hardware system used to create , maintain and provide controlled access to a database
(B) hardware system used to create, maintain, and provide uncontrolled access to a database.
(C) software system used to create, maintain, and provide uncontrolled access to a database.
(D) software system used to create, maintain, and provide controlled access to a database.
(E) None of these

Ans : (D)

18. Which of the following is NOT a goal of transaction processing system?

(A) Capture , process and store transactions
(B) Produce a variety of documents related to routine business activities
(C) Reduce manual effort associated with processing business transactions
(D) Produce standard reports used for management decision making
(E) None of these

Ans : (B)

19. A Proxy server is used for which of the following?

(A) To provide security against unauthorized users
(B) To process client requests for web pages
(C) To process client requests for database access
(D) To provide TCP/IP
(E) None of these

Ans : (B)

20. When data changes in multiple lists and all lists are not updated, this causes:

(A) data redundancy
(B) information overload
(C) duplicate data
(D) data inconsistency
(E) None of these

Ans : (D)

21. _____________ are words that a programming language has set aside for its own use.

(A) Control worlds
(B) Reserved words
(C) Control structures
(D) Reserved keys
(E) None of these

Ans : (B)

22. What is the primary difference between a virus and a worm?

(A) A worm has the ability to self-propagate from an infected user's computer to other computers
(B) A worm is usually written by a cracker: Script bunnies do not have the skills to develop a worm program
(C) A virus is very harmful to the computers it infects : a worm is not a serious a problem
(D) Anti-virus software is effective in fighting viruses but not worms
(E) None of these

Ans : (A)

23. ______ describe what is database fields.

(A) Structures
(B) Field markers
(C) Field definition
(D) Field names
(E) None of these

Ans : (D)

24. You must install a (n) ____________ on a network if you want to share a broadband Internet connection.

(A) router
(B) modem
(C) node
(D) cable
(E) None of these

Ans : (A)

25. A goal of normalization is to __________

(A) minimize the number of relationships
(B) minimize the number of entities
(C) minimize the number of tables
(D) minimize the number of redundancy
(E) None of these

Ans : (D)

26. Granting an outside organization access to internet web pages is often implemented using a (n) ____

(A) extranet
(B) intranet
(C) internet
(D) hacker
(E) None of these

Ans : (A)

27. Which term identifies a specific computer on the web and the main page of the entire site

(B) Web site address
(C) Hyperlink
(D) Domain name
(E) None of these

Ans : (A)

28. The code that relational database management systems use to perform their database task is referred to as .....

(D) Sequel Server
(E) None of these

Ans : (B)

29. Chip is a common nickname for a (n):

(A) transistor
(B) resistor
(C) integrated circuit
(D) semiconductor
(E) None of these

Ans : (C)

30. The purpose of the primary key in a database is to:

(A) unlock the database
(B) provide a map of the data
(C) uniquely identify a record
(D) establish constraints on database operations.
(E) None of these

Ans : (C)

31. A _________ contains specific rules and words that express the logical steps of an algorithm.

(A) programming language
(B) syntax
(C) programming structure
(D) logic chart
(E) None of these

Ans : (A)

32. The design of the network is called the network:

(A) architecture
(B) server
(C) transmission
(D) type
(E) None of these

Ans : (A)

33. The most frequently used instructions of a computer program are likely to be fetched from:

(A) the hard disk
(B) cache memory
(D) registers
(E) None of these

Ans : (B)

34. The ____________ contains data descriptions and defines the name, data type, and length of each field in the database.

(A) data dictionary
(B) data table
(C) data record
(D) data field
(E) None of these

Ans : (A)

35. Personal logs or journal entries posted on the Web are known as:

(A) list servers
(B) Webcasts
(C) blogs
(D) subject directories
(E) None of these

Ans : (C)

36. A(n) _______ uses pictures (called icons) and menus displayed on the screen to send commands to the computer system.

(A) command - based user interface
(C) system utility
(E) None of these

Ans : (B)

37. The _____ manual tells you how to use a software program.

(A) documentation
(B) programming
(C) technical
(D) user
(E) None of these

Ans : (A)

38. Which of the following is NOT a type of broadband Internet connection?

(A) Cable
(C) Dial-up
(D) Satellite
(E) None of these

Ans : (C)

39. Software, such as viruses, worms and Trojan horses, that has a malicious intent, is known as:

(A) spyware
(B) adware
(C) spam
(D) malware
(E) None of these

Ans : (D)

40. Making a field ______ means that it cannot be left blank.

(A) numeric
(B) required
(C) calculated
(D) validated
(E) None of these

Ans : (B)

41. _________ is the process of finding errors in software code.

(A) Debugging
(B) Compiling
(C) Testing
(D) Running
(E) None of these

Ans : (A)

42. ____________ are viruses that are triggered by the passage of time or on a certain date.

(A) Boot-sector viruses
(B) Macro viruses
(C) Time bombs
(D) Worms
(E) None of these

Ans : (C)

43. Linux is a (n) ____________ operating system.

(A) open-source
(B) Microsoft
(C) Windows
(D) Mac
(E) None of these

Ans : (A)

44. What is a backup?

(A) Restoring the information backup
(B) An exact copy of a system's information
(C) The ability to get a system up and running in the event of a system crash or failure
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

Ans : (D)

45. Which of the following places the common data elements in order from smallest to largest

(A) character, file, record, field, database
(B) character, record, field, database, file
(C) character, field, record, file, database
(D) Bit, byte, character, record, field, file, database,
(E) None of these

Ans : (C)

46. The internet is ......

(A) a large network of networks
(B) an internal communication system for a business
(C) a communication system for the Indian government
(D) All of these
(E) None of these

Ans : (D)

47. ____________ are lists of commands that appear on the screen.

(A) GUIs
(B) Icons
(C) Menus
(D) Windows
(E) None of these

Ans : (C)

48. Which of the following statements is FALSE concerning file names?

(A) Files may share the same name or the same extension but not both
(B) Every file in the same folder must have a unique name
(C) File extension is another name for file type
(D) The file extension comes before the dot (.) followed by the file name
(E) None of these

Ans : (D)

49. Verification of a login name and password is known as:

(A) configuration
(B) accessibility
(C) authentication
(D) logging in
(E) None of these

Ans : (C)

50. Which of the following would most likely NOT be a symptom of a virus?

(A) Existing program files and icons disappear.
(B) The CD-ROM stops functioning.
(C) The Web browser opens to an unusual home page.
(D) Odd messages or images are displayed on the screen.
(E) None of these

Ans : (B)

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