Best courses of M.Tech/B.Tech Admissions 2016- B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture)

About Architectural Engineering:

Architecture is an integral branch of Civil Engineering. An engineering degree in architecture is ideally suited for students who are interested in construction and possess creative thoughts. Currently B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) is available under Anna university affiliated colleges whose total course duration is five years.  The first step towards becoming an Architect in India is clearing the Architecture paper of the JEE(Joint Entrance Examination) held by IIT every year. Even though entrance examinations are currently cancelled in Tamil Nadu, candidates who wish to join B.Arch course need to write an entrance exam called NATA(National Aptitude Test for Architecture) held by COA (Council of Architecture) to join this course.

History of Architectural Engineering:

For a long time, Indians and that too especially Tamils have been forefront in Architectural Engineering and its existence can be traced back to the ancient era itself. We all know about the Chola King “Karikalan” who has built the famous “Kallanai” dam in TamilNadu that has lasted for several centuries without even suffering a minor damage. Similarly Tanjore Brahadeeswarar temple, Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Cave temples of Mammalapuram, BhakraNangal & Hirakud Dams etc., provide ample evidence of advancements in this branch right from the prehistoric ages. And nobody can ever leave out One of our seven wonder and the pride of our nation, “the TajMahal” – a marble wonder that has made India the favorite destination among tourists and is a testimonial to the sound Architectural Engineering knowledge that prevailed among the Indians.

Subjects taught in B.Arch Course:

It is one of the most informative courses of study in the entire Engineering and the list of topics taught is given below:
        1.   Architectural History
        2.   Construction Materials
        3.   Architectural Drawings
        4.   Constructional Science
        5.   Basics of Foundation
        6.   Computer Studio
        7.   Art of Construction
        8.   Building Construction
        9.   Urban Planning
       10.   Business Ethics and Practices
11.   Land Science
12.   Environmental Science
13.   Project Management
14.   Disaster Management

Various Career Paths for Architecture graduates:

The various job positions that can be taken up by B.Arch graduates are as follows:
1.   Creative Designer
2.   BIM Manager
3.   Technical Architect
4.   Interior Architect
5.   Project Architect
6.   Landscape Architect
7.   In-house Architect
8.   Lead Architect
9.   Façade Designer
10.   Project Manager
11.   Interior Designer
12.   Renovation Architect
13.   Design Associate
14.   Architecture Draftsman

Type of Exposure for Architecture students:

If you get admitted into the top colleges, the type of education you'll      receive will be sound and technical in approach. The exposure to national and international architecture and its specifics will be optimum and your approach towards a specific design will be moulded accordingly. The assignments and seminars will help you learn each and every technique of the industry.

An average college may not present you will experienced staff and provide exposure to top level education, but what matters is your own interest and dedication in the design field. By exposing yourself to various seminars, design forums and research blogs on internet, study tours, journals and magazines. The technical aspect can also be learnt through internships done during college vacations.

Note:  At present a huge number of fresh Architectural colleges have sprung up thereby increasing the number of students pursuing architecture in our country and drastically reducing the available job vacancies. Also another thing worthy to mention here is that of these whole lot of institutions majority of them are not recognized by COA (Council of Architecture), or does not possess sufficient infrastructural resources required for this stream . So we advise all those students to do an extensive research of the college you are planning to choose at the time of counseling before opting for it.

Career opportunities post B.Arch course:

Once you attain your B.Arch degree you can choose from any of the 3 pathways for a bright career as listed below:
a) You pursue your higher education i.e. take up a postgraduate course M.Arch based on your area of interest.
b) You work for an architectural firm or a real estate company .
c) You start your own practice.

You can continue with your higher education if you are particularly interested in specific course of study such as Urban Design, Housing etc., and eager to expand your knowledge in the area. Also you can opt for higher studies if you are eager in pursuing planning or management field by taking courses such as Construction Management and Urban Planning.  Further some students take up M.Arch course mainly to undergo foreign education or publish research papers or to become teachers.

Pay Scale for Architecture Professionals:

If you take up a job in an architectural firm after your Bachelors of Architecture in India, you will initially get Rs 3,00,000 - 3,60,000 per annum which will be appreciated on an yearly basis depending on your firm’s appraisal policies. Once you gain seven to eight years of experience you will start receiving a salary of 12, 00, 000 per annum which varies from region to region in our country. But if you join a job after completing your Masters degree in India, you may get an additional perk of Rs 50,000 - 1, 00, 000 per annum in your salary than those possessing only under graduation.

If you work for a foreign firm after doing your Masters in a foreign university, initially you will be paid a lump salary of $ 55,000 - 60,000 per annum with incentives for each project you work on. Real estate companies provide you with a slightly better salary structure as they are big establishments and are into both the construction as well as design business.  In such cases, your compensation may range from Rs. 1, 00, 000 to 1, 50, 000 per month based on the current salary standard in the architecture firm you take up the job. But  we advise you to join a real estate company after garnering a few years of experience in architecture firms for having a better knowledge and understanding of every aspect of a building . Once you join a real estate company you are expected to perform right from day one as there will not be any formal teaching sessions for new recruits.

Some of the popular Real Estate Companies which offer a decent salary package for B.Arch graduates are DLF , Ireo , Atkins etc., An average self practicing architect can attain a turnover of about Rs 1,00,00,000 in an year in India subject to his passion and drive in this sector.  And we can also not reject the fact that smaller firms tend to earn less while bigger firms earn exponentially more in the long run. An architect is expected to earn on the basis of percentage of project cost /per unit area basis.  While this may not sound attractive architects may even get themselves indulged in the related fields such as interior design , landscape architecture, etc to increase their income.


However the first and foremost goal/dream of any young Architect coming out fresh from the college is to start his/her own firm and design or create the architecture he wants to showcase to the rest of the world .Architecture professionals can start a firm at any point of time in their life once they feel confident about getting projects and possessing a strong inner drive of starting their own practice. It is your own drive which guides your growth in this field . So according to our point of view a good architect must contribute his best to the field by creating masterpieces , researching about new ways for betterment architecture and by providing sustainable solutions for future.


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