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Monday, July 16, 2012

TANCA 2012 Eligibility

Candidates who have passed all the subjects in the recognised Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and obtained at-least 50 % ( 45 % in the case of candidates belonging to reserved category) in the qualifying degree examination.
i. with TANCET 2012 score (or)
ii. with valid GATE 2012 score with qualifying marks prescribed for assistantship in the appropriate discipline of Engineering / Technology (or)
iii. with valid GATE 2012 score with qualifying marks prescribed for assistantship in Engineering Science (XE) and Life Science (XL) papers along with TANCET 2012 score shall be considered for admission to M.E./M.Tech./M.Arch./M.Plan. degree programmes. The details of eligibility criteria for admission to M.E. / M.Tech. / M.Arch./ M.Plan. degree programmes are available in the ‘Information and Instructions to Candidates Booklet and also in Anna University website.

Seats are reserved for Differently Abled candidates as per the Government norms under GATE / NON-GATE categories.

Anna University TANCA 2012 Application Forms and Couselling

Tamil Nadu Common Admissions (TANCA) 2012 is administered by Anna University, Chennai on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu. Applications are invited for Admissions to M.E. / M.Tech. / M.Arch. / M.Plan. Degree Programmes offered in the University Departments / University Colleges, Government, Government Aided Engineering Colleges, and Self Financing Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu for the seats surrendered for admission through single window (TANCA 2012) counselling. The list of colleges and courses offered for admission through single window counselling is available in Anna University website: www.annauniv.edu/tanca2012.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

List of colleges accepting TANCET score

Hi friends,here are the name of the Universities accepting TANCET score...








Collegewise Allotment of seats for TANCET candidates

Hi friends,here are the collegewise seat Allotments for the candidates who wrote TANCET .

  • All the seats in Government Engineering and Government Arts and Science Colleges in Tamil Nadu.
  • 90% of the seats in aided courses in Government Aided Non Minority Engineering and Arts and Science Colleges.  
  • 50% of seats in Government Aided Minority Arts, Science and Engineering College.
  • 50% of seats in  Un-aided Non-minority Engineering and Arts and Science Colleges.
  • 30% of seats in Un-aided minority Engineering and Arts and Science Colleges.

List of ME Courses for Engineering Disciplines for TANCET Qualified Candidates

We have listed the courses that are eligible for candidates of different streams. Students of their engineering discipline can choose any course that is eligible for them. Note that the main stream is given for M.E and the corresponding degree eligible for reading the course is also mentioned.
For Ex: If you need to study M.E Remote sensing, the eligibility is listed below Civil engineering .If any special eligibility is allowed, we have mentioned In bracket near the course.

Civil engineering:
Eligibility: B.Tech/B.E in Civil, Chemical, Geoinformatics, Bio technology, Agricultural engineering, Irrigation Engg

Will MNC’s hire PG graduates? or will they hesitate?

Generally MNC concentrate on UG mainly. Because say in your UG you will have studied about electrical drives, microprocessors, software programming languages, electronics, etc. In your PG you will choose a streamlined path say if you choose VLSI then your subjects in PG will focus on the specific topic.
When a company recruits, they will see for candidates with multiple talents in technical side.So if they select a PG graduate who finished VLSI, they can put him/her only in that specific field. But if the same if they select a UG graduate he/she will be fitting any department may be power system management or power electronics or electrical drives or DSP etc. UG has variety of choices whereas PG is a specialization of a single subject. As degrees go high the subjects gets stream lined. In UG you have specialised basics of several subjects, in PG you will specialize in one subject you learnt in UG, In doing a doctorate you will specialize one part of the subject you learn in PG. Got it?

Which would be the Better Choice? either Job or ME?

I’ve got placed in syntel, it seems they’ll call me only after an year. I have scored 41.382 in TANCET. which would be the better choice? either job or ME? 
First do you have a clear idea about your future? What you want to do…achieve…!!!
Be clear in what you do!
41.382 is a pretty good score.But we cant assure that you will get a good college,cause still the rank listing has not been done.So we cant tell it correctly. On the other hand ,you say the time taken for joining will take a year! Well wasting time for such a job is waste. Time is precious than money.Don't waste time.
Do you have plans to do PG? then.
What here we advice is that first attend counseling and then look whether if there are any possibilities for doing a PG degree in any premium institutes, where by you will be respected when you finish degree.If chances are yes ,then start doing a PG.
About the job…
Well please don't wait for a long time, do some extra courses that may be related your career.Add value to you.If you wish that you must join the job, then take this idle time as a time to prepare for your future.Learn some extra courses.
Final word….
Better go for doing a PG, you have got high scores, there may be chances that you might get a seat in reputed institutes.Cause when compared to the job specified by you, doing M.E will confirm a chance to become a lecturer.In other words you will be on the safer side. But if you cant sustain in the company you have placed then you career is spoiled.You will wait a year, then join the job, if there any problems occur, the you will be fired.So totally one year wasted in waiting for a job, not satisfied with the job and the company leaves you
But when you take M.E, it confirms you that you can be lecturer. There are numerous colleges over Tamilnadu. So go for the safer side. Do a PG
Best wishes

An overview to students waiting for do PG via TANCET

After the TANCET marks were announced, all students are in confusion and worries, “Whether I will get a good college or course”.As a senior , we need to tell the real situation that exists at present.
A few guide lines….
Stop worrying.
First of all stop worrying that you have scored poor marks than your friends & relatives .Because each and every year there are some students who score poor marks, but by luck they get the college/course they expected. At the same time a good scorer might have not got his/her own wishing college.
So whatever can happen! Stop worrying! If you worry will it give you good college? Try to enjoy this moment of life. Just remember nothing is in our hands.
“My uncle says to take this course….he says it is valuable”
“My brother tells not to take this course”
“My friends tell to take this course, but am not interested”
“No one is there to help me, I come from a village , my parents and relatives don’t know about what course to suggest…am all alone!”
How many of you are saying this or at least have a thought like this? You have these doubts like this because you listen to others rather than what your heart says. In other words nowadays all students see only the chance of getting placed in a MNC which will give 6 digit salaries. They don’t concentrate on what is their natural talent .Some will be good in computer programming but they choose a course that is not related to it. They will not be able to study, at least they struggle a lot. So first of all find what is your interest, find where and which course will guide you through to reach the  goal.
First, have you identified what is your career path? If not still you have time, frame it first.
Part time or full time ME?
Many of them ask doubts related to doing part-time courses. First of all read these…
  • Many companies don’t recognize part time degrees
  • Part-time course has an extra one year than regular course….
  • Part time is good for those who are in job. But remember the classes will be at evening. Can you be energetic to listen classes at evening 6-9 pm? Then opt for the course. Else regular is better.
Some of the candidates complain that the staffs don’t teach well {Staffs too must have to take class from morning to night.So they feel tired too}. Many students in Anna university too find hard to complete degrees. They complain that to pass the degree the feel hard.
To girls…
Every one would have heard the news about students committing suicide in Anna university campus. Real fact is that many girls come from south of tamilnadu, where still the tradition is of main importance. When girls from such a zone come to city side(metros like Chennai), the change in lifestyle where girls and boys hang together for parties , movies, when these girls mingle with this culture girls ,they struggle a mental suffering which they cant express or talk with friends.They feel afraid that if they tell their problem others will laugh at her. So without saying to others they keep on developing stress, which finally brings to sucide attempts.
So first think…can you cope up with new lifestyle? You will need to hang with boys, else other girls will reject you from their circle. Can you face it?
Some girls ,initially will feel happy for getting a course in colleges that might be far away from home town.They would have focused only on the course/college. But the fact is that once they start to stay away from home, some will start to feel home sick missing their father/mother, neighborhood friends etc.
Can you stay away from home till the course ends? Think it!
Your future is in your hands! All you need  is to recognize it.
Job opportunities for ME:
M.E is more refined & focused course than B.E.sometimes you can’t change your stream.So if you plan to change careers then leave the choice of doing M.E. B.E is better than M.E in this case. In many places M.E graduates just get a salary that is equivalent to B.E graduates.Software companies when we approached, clearly state that “You will be considered only as a UG graduate.If you are willing, then we may consider you!!!!” .So consider wisely about doing M.E.
Placement to PG graduates:
Many students ask us for which colleges give full placement to PG graduates. To a large disappointment, the answer is No. Even Anna university graduates dont get placement.Fact is that many companies focus only on B.E graduates.some colleges such as PSG shows 100% placement to PG graduates.But actually what happens is that only a few candidates gets placed in core companies,others attend software companies and get placed.So the colleges,to attract popularity they publish “100% placement”.
Please dont expect placement for M.E.Its utter waste.If you do M.E focus on how you can excel in doing PG.If you do M.E then focus on how to do Ph.D rather than looking for  placements.
Coming to the questions that many  of them posted….
Each year the counseling is different. In 2010 the top score was 68.While in the next year the score was higher than the previous year. In 2010 , we were able to get Anna univ for a score of 38! But in 2011, even the person with a score of 52 was not able to take the course in Anna university. Fact is that the diffrences were very high in the later year.
In other words, the number of persons for a score range of 30-40 in 2011 were three to four times larger than the number of persons who scored for the same score range in 2010. So if there were 160+ persons for a score range of 27.0 – 27.99 in 2010, the same range hit a number of nearly 500+ in 2011.So the competition was very high, and is changing every year.
We haven’t got any unofficial rank list atleast.Hence we are unable to provide any suggestions that what college you may get.
According to sources this year there may be an increase upto 10% than previous years.Hence more competition will be there for this year! Students with very high scores can only enter premium institutions! So average scorers please start analyzing and make choices what you want to study and where you need to study.
P.S: If any of you receive any rank-list(atleast unofficial) please do inform to us , so that we may provide you details of what college you may get

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hi friends,this is priyadarshinii,I wrote TANCET Exam for MCA, So I would like to share something about TANCET Exam and general instruction for TANCET MCA.

What is TANCET?

Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test(TANCET) is an entrance examination conducted every year by Anna university on behalf of Tamil Nadu government for admission to MCA, MBA, M.E/M.Tech/M.Arch/M.Plan programme in Tamil Nadu offered at University Departments of Anna University Chennai, Anna University Coimbatore,Anna University Trichy, Anna University Tirunelveli, Govt. Engineering, Arts and Science Colleges,Govt. Aided Engineering, Arts and Science Colleges and Govt. Quota seats in self-financing Engineering and Arts and Science Colleges/Standalone institutions.

Apart from these institutions some Universities and Self-financing Engineering Colleges may also opt to admit  the students on the basis of  TANCET for their quota of  seats. TANCET is not limited to the candidates of Tamil Nadu only, but admission will be subject to fulfillment of the eligibility conditions of the admitting authority.

There are a number of centers throughout India to appear for TANCET  exam.

Let us see about TANCET-MCA:

Eligibility Criteria:

A candidate should have a Bachelor's Degree in any discipline of equivalent from a recognised Institution/University. Also a candidate should have Mathematics/Statistics at +2 Level / Diploma/Graduation.Candidates in their final year/awaiting their results can also apply. Candidates who have done their bachelor's degree after doing their diploma can also apply.

Structure and Pattern of the TANCET Entrance Exam

The exam pattern will be of objective type. The exam will be 2 hours. In the test,wrong answers would be negatively marked. Question will be asked on the technical side as well as on general awareness. The exam consists of 100 questions. There will be questions on the specialization also for those who wish to appear for the M.E/M.Arch/M.Tech/M.Plan test. 

Syllabus for TANCET MCA:
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Logical  Reasoning
  • Quantitative Ability
  • Computer Awareness
A few questions may also be on Verbal activity, Basic Science etc.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Top Ten Engineering Colleges in Chennai


1 .University Departments of Anna University CEG Campus
2 .University Departments of Anna University MIT Campus
3. Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering
4 .St.Joseph College of Engineering
5 .Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College
6. Velammal Engineering College
7 .Panimalar Engineering College
8 .Sri Sairam Engineering College
9. Easwari Engineering College
10. Jeppiar Engineering College

Top 20 MBA Colleges Based on Last Year Placement and Ranking

3.b.s abdur rahman crescent engineering college.
4.dhanish ahmed college of engineering.
5.hindustan college of engineering.
6.madha engineering college.
7.meenakshi college of engineering chennai.
8.misrimal navajee munoth jain Engg college.
9.panimalar engineering college.
10.rajalakshmi engineering college.
11.sri sairam engineering college.
12.st.peter's college of engineering.
13.sri sivasubramaniya nadar college of engineering.
14.st.joseph engineering college.
15.t.j institute of technology.
16.thangavelu engineering college.
17.SRR engineering college.
18.valliammai engineering college.
19.vel sri rangarajan sakunthala hightech engineering college.
20.vel tech institute of technology chennai.

Mechanical Last Year ME Cutoff Marks for Top Ten Colleges

Mechanical Last Year ME Cutoff Marks for Top Ten Colleges

PG Part Time Engineering Colleges and Courses Available

1.Dr.M.G.R Engineering College

M.E-Applied Electronics
M.B.A-Business Administration
M.E-Industrial Engineering
M.C.A-Computer Applications
M.E-Communication Systems
M.E-Computer Science And Engineering
M.Sc-Information Technology
M.E-Computer Integrated Manufacturing

2.Jaya Engineering College

M.B.A-Business Administration
M.C.A-Computer Applications
M.Sc-Information Technology
M.Sc-Computer Science And Technology(Five Years)

3.Prathyusha Engineering College

M.C.A-Computer Applications

4. Raja Rajeswari Engineering College

M.C.A-Computer Applications
M.Sc-Information Technology

5.R.M.K Engineering College

M.C.A-Computer Applications

6. S.A Engineering College
M.C.A-Computer Applications
M.Sc-Information Technology

7. Sri Ram Engineering College
M.C.A-Computer Applications
M.B.A-Business Administration

8.St.Peters Engineering College

M.B.A-Business Administration
M.Sc-Information Technology
M.C.A-Computer Applications
M.Sc-Computer Science And Technology(Five Years)

9.Vel Sri Rangarajan Sakunthala College of Multimedia

M.C.A-Computer Applications
M.B.A-Business Administration
M.Sc-Information Technology

10 Vel Tech
M.C.A-Computer Applications
M.B.A-Business Administration
wait for other colleg part time course details...

List of top College for MCA and their Expected Cutoff Marks

List of top engg college for doing MCA and their expected cut offs are as follows :


College of Engineering, Guindy 48.00
PSG college of Technology, Coimbatore 47.50
Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, Chennai 45.00
Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore 44.50
St. Joseph College of Engineering, Kancheepuram 43.50
Panimalar Engineering College, Chennai 42.00
Velammal Engineering College, Chennai 41.20
Sona,Salem 40.70 Kongu Engineering College, Erode 40.00
Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam 39.50

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