Will MNC’s hire PG graduates? or will they hesitate?

Generally MNC concentrate on UG mainly. Because say in your UG you will have studied about electrical drives, microprocessors, software programming languages, electronics, etc. In your PG you will choose a streamlined path say if you choose VLSI then your subjects in PG will focus on the specific topic.
When a company recruits, they will see for candidates with multiple talents in technical side.So if they select a PG graduate who finished VLSI, they can put him/her only in that specific field. But if the same if they select a UG graduate he/she will be fitting any department may be power system management or power electronics or electrical drives or DSP etc. UG has variety of choices whereas PG is a specialization of a single subject. As degrees go high the subjects gets stream lined. In UG you have specialised basics of several subjects, in PG you will specialize in one subject you learnt in UG, In doing a doctorate you will specialize one part of the subject you learn in PG. Got it?

So generally company chooses UG cause ,they can be shifted to various departments easily, less salary is sufficient.PG are not prefered by many companies.
only possibility after doin PG is to become a lecturer” ?????
When you do a PG focus on how best you finish the project. Its all the project speaks.. If you finish it excellent there are several chances that you can enter into a wonderful career. There are better jobs when you do PG. All you have to do is change your vision.
Do not get confused by what others say, Follow what your heart says….
In my experience i say….
I took M.E Computer Integrated Manufacturing in Anna Univ,Chennai. As soon as i had chosen this course in counseling, many told that you will get only a lecturer job. They told that there will be no companies recruiting you. I was worried ! but when i started to do the course it was wonderful, i had chances to learn Rapid prototyping, Robotics, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Electronics manufacturing technology etc. All these subjects were very wonderful to do learn. Really i feel lucky to have studied these subjects. Now i am happy and am gonna do research work in a year in one of the subjects.
So here i tell, do what will make you happy. contribute something useful to this society. Dont listen to others, cause you are going to study not they! Many will tell negatives but be positive always.
“”"Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true”"”
- Leon J. Suenes
Wishes to you

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  1. Hai Leon J. Suenes,i got GATE community rank in SC 352 in ECE and u've any idea about how many ECE students appearing before my rank in that community..pls help i getting big confusion...


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