Which would be the Better Choice? either Job or ME?

I’ve got placed in syntel, it seems they’ll call me only after an year. I have scored 41.382 in TANCET. which would be the better choice? either job or ME? 
First do you have a clear idea about your future? What you want to do…achieve…!!!
Be clear in what you do!
41.382 is a pretty good score.But we cant assure that you will get a good college,cause still the rank listing has not been done.So we cant tell it correctly. On the other hand ,you say the time taken for joining will take a year! Well wasting time for such a job is waste. Time is precious than money.Don't waste time.
Do you have plans to do PG? then.
What here we advice is that first attend counseling and then look whether if there are any possibilities for doing a PG degree in any premium institutes, where by you will be respected when you finish degree.If chances are yes ,then start doing a PG.
About the job…
Well please don't wait for a long time, do some extra courses that may be related your career.Add value to you.If you wish that you must join the job, then take this idle time as a time to prepare for your future.Learn some extra courses.
Final word….
Better go for doing a PG, you have got high scores, there may be chances that you might get a seat in reputed institutes.Cause when compared to the job specified by you, doing M.E will confirm a chance to become a lecturer.In other words you will be on the safer side. But if you cant sustain in the company you have placed then you career is spoiled.You will wait a year, then join the job, if there any problems occur, the you will be fired.So totally one year wasted in waiting for a job, not satisfied with the job and the company leaves you
But when you take M.E, it confirms you that you can be lecturer. There are numerous colleges over Tamilnadu. So go for the safer side. Do a PG
Best wishes


  1. hi i have been called for three bank interview's and also for m.e counselling....... can anyone tell me which is best........job or m.e...... my score is 33.17 mbc.... is there any possibility of gov colleges?

  2. Hi I'm Malathi. I have finished M.sc.comp sci and also applied for ME counseling. my overall counselling rank is 6565 and my comm(MBC) ranklist is 1244.plz tell me my choice is correct or not.

    1. ya engineering degree give you good career path

  3. Thanks Mano.. but stii i didn't get acknowledgement card and call letter..

  4. i got GATE community rank in SC 352 in ECE and u've any idea about how many ECE students appearing before my rank in that community..pls help i getting big confusion...

    1. Mr. Ashok raj, how u know the community rank? It seems oly overall rank na...!

  5. hi im vaishnavi my tancet score is 30.33 sc ece...will I get good colleges ...and also I got placed in one company with 2yr bonding...im so confused to do job or m.e....pls clarify me...


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