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Thursday, March 10, 2011

TANCET Study Material and Correspondence Course at Ascent Education

TANCET MBA Study Material
1. Quantitative Reasoning (Math Section of TANCET)

1. Two refresher books covering a total of 21 topics in Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry. Includes solved examples, shortcuts, formulae and exercise problems with explanations
2. A book comprising 18 speed tests with multiple choice questions based on often repeated questions with correct answers and explanations
3. A book of formulae serving as a ready reckoner for standard formulae

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

List of Colleges in CHENNAI Under Anna University offering MBA

# A.M.S. College of Engineering, Nizara Educational Campus, Muthapudupet,Avadi - I.A.F 600055.

# Anand Institute of Higher Technology, Kalasalingam Nagar, Old Mahabalipuram Road,Kazhipattur Village, Chengalpattu Taluk, Kancheepuram District - 603103.

Intensive Weekend Course for TANCET MBA at Chennai

Ascent's Intensive Classes for TANCET MBA is designed to equip you to be better prepared for facing the TANCET (Tamilnadu Common Entrance Test) conducted by Anna University for admission to the MBA program at AU affiliated colleges in Tamilnadu. Our contact classes for TANCET coaching are presently conducted at our learning centers at Mylapore, Taramani, Tambaram, and Anna Nagar (W), Madras.

Ascent's TANCET 2011 Weekend Classes in Chennai

Intensive Weekend Course for TANCET MBA 2011 starts Mar 5, 2011 at Anna Nagar
Ascent Education offers classroom training for TANCET MBA at Chennai. TANCET is the entrance exam for seeking admission to pursue MBA from leading engineering colleges and institutions that are a part of Anna University in Tamilnadu.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Speed Distance Time Question TANCET

Speed, Distance and Time is an important topic from a TANCET quant perspective. You could expect to get one to two questions from this topic.

The core concept in this topic is the relation between these three parameters
Distance = speed * time.

TANCET Quantitative Progressions

AP, GP (Arithmetic Progressions and Geometric Progressions) are two topics from which you could expect to get at least one question.

An interesting topic and the kind of questions that you can expect in the TANCET quant section from these two topics will be rather elementary.

Speed Time Distance TANCET Math Question

Speed, Time and Distance is an interesting topic from which you could expect to get one question in the math section and probably a question in the data sufficiency section of the TANCET MBA test.

The concept is extremely simple : Distance = Speed * Time
The place where you need to be careful is to make sure that the units that you use for the different quantities have integrity i.e., if the unit for speed used is km/hr, then you should use hour as the unit for time.

TANCET Math Work Time Question

Here is a work time question. You could expect a question on this topic. A topic that gets usually tested in the test.
A works twice as fast as B does and together they complete a task in 8 days, how long will A lone take to complete the task?

Ratio Proportion on Ages

A favorite question that appears more often than not from the Ratio Proportion topic is that of comparing the ages of two people.

Here is an example of such a question.

Quadratic equation in the TANCET test

You could expect to get a question from quadratic equation in the TANCET test.

A quadratic equation is an equation of the form ax2 + bx + c = 0.

Each quadratic equation has 2 roots. The roots of the quadratic equation can be found out either by factorizing the equation or by using a formula.

TANCET Mensuration question

What is the total surface area of a right circular cylinder in sqcm if its base diameter is 14cm and height is 12cms?
1. 528
2. 308
3. 836
4. 1144
5. 4576

TANCET 2009 Announcements

TANCET 2009 will be conducted on May 30th for TANCET MBA and TANCET MCA and on May 31st for TANCET ME/M.Tech

You have just over 2 months from today (March 11, 2009) for the TANCET examination. Actually, if you focus on your preparation earnestly from this moment, you have enough and more time to ace the exam.

Weighted average of large numbers

Weighted average is an easy concept that gets test quite often in the quantitative section of the TANCET test.

Let us take a look at a question that requires you to compute the weighted average and then evaluate an alternate shorcut approach to computing the same.

TANCET Ratio Proportion Question

Ratio proportion is a fundamental topic from which you should expect anything from 2 to 3 questions out of the 20 questions in the Math section of TANCET MBA test.

The following question is a ratio question and tests your ability to express one term in terms of another, given the ratio between the two terms.

TANCET Math preperation question

Linear Equations is one of the fundamental topics from which you could expect one or two questions in the TANCET test.

A Linear Equation is one in which the power or the exponent of the variable is 1. An equation of the form 3x + 2y = 17 is a linear equation.


Work Time is topic that gets tested in the quant section of both TANCET MBA and TANCET MCA tests. It is an easy topic, if one had understood the basics of the Work Time questions.

Let us say Ram completes a task in 10 days. And Lakshman takes 15 days to complete the same task. A typical question will expect us to find out the time taken when both Ram and Lakshman work together.

Math prep question for TANCET MBA

I will periodically post interesting questions similar to those that are tested in the TANCET MBA and TANCET MCA tests.

As you are aware a fifth (i.e.,) 20 questions out of the 100 questions in the TANCET MBA paper is the math or the quant section. And about 60 questions out of the 100 questions in TANCET MCA paper is the math or the quant section.

The math that is tested in both the TANCET MBA and TANCET MCA sections are 10th standard level math.

Be assured that you will not see any of the 12th standard level math questions such as Calculus, Matrices, Vectors etc., as this exam is open to even students who would not have taken math in class 12.

In effect, what TANCET math tests is Arithmetic, Basic Algebra, Geometry topics. For good measure get yourself acquainted with Modern math topics such as Permutation Combination and Probability and Set theory if you want to score high in this section.

TANCET Exam is conducted in the second or third week of May every year. If you are keen on cracking the test, then you should start your TANCET Preparation about 3 to 6 months before the test date.

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