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TANCET MBA Study Material
1. Quantitative Reasoning (Math Section of TANCET)

1. Two refresher books covering a total of 21 topics in Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry. Includes solved examples, shortcuts, formulae and exercise problems with explanations
2. A book comprising 18 speed tests with multiple choice questions based on often repeated questions with correct answers and explanations
3. A book of formulae serving as a ready reckoner for standard formulae

2. Verbal Reasoning (English Section of TANCET)

1. One refresher book covering basic methods to crack sentence correction questions.
2. The refresher provides a snapshot on ways to identify common grammar errors that are tested in TANCET.
3. The refresher also provides a overview of the fundamentals of English Grammar.
4. Includes speed tests with correct answers and explanation.

3. Reading Comprehension (RC)

1. One refresher book covering basic tips on reading and cracking RC questions.
2. Includes 25+ passages with 5 to 8 questions each. Includes correct answers and explanations for the questions.

4. Data Sufficiency (DS)

1. One refresher book providing insight on how to solve Data Sufficiency Questions in TANCET.
2. Includes common traps that examiners set in the DS section.
3. Includes speed tests with correct answers and explanation

5. Business Situation Analsyis (Business Decision Making)

1. 15 business cases with typical questions asked in TANCET MBA.
2. Explanatory answers to these cases are provided.

6. Mock TANCETs (TANCET Practice Test)

1. 8 full length practice tests
2. Correct Answers and explanations provided
3. Based on recent TANCET Pattern

A few of the Mock TANCET papers provided are previous year TANCET papers. Others are mock papers designed by Ascent based on recent TANCET tests.

The fees for the TANCET MBA study material including 8 Mock TANCET Practice Papers is Rs.1350 (Rupees One Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Only) including taxes and courier charges to despatch it to any destination within India.

How to Enrol?
1. Online Enrolment
You can register for Ascent's TANCET correspondence course by signing up online using your credit card or online banking account. We use the merchant account facilities of CCAVENUE and an amount of Rs.1350 will appear as a charge from Avenues or CC Avenue in your next credit card statement.
TANCET Correspondence course sign up online

2. Offline Enrolment
You can download the enrolment form, print it, fill it and send it along with a DD for Rs.1350 (Rupees One Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Only) favoring "Ascent Education". The DD should be payable at Chennai. You will have to send it to

Ascent Education
14B/1 Dr. Thirumurthy Nagar I Street
Chennai 600 034
Phone 4500 8484 / 3912 4040.
TANCET Correspondence course

Course Material Despatch Schedule
The entire course material will be sent to you in one lot. Please allow a minimum of 3 working days from the date you have placed the order online for the material to be despatched from Chennai. If you are signing up offline, please allow 3 working days from the day we receive your DD for us to despatch the material from Chennai.

TANCET 2011 Application
TANCET 2011 application forms will be available at Anna University by the first week of April 2011.

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