TANCET Mensuration question

What is the total surface area of a right circular cylinder in sqcm if its base diameter is 14cm and height is 12cms?
1. 528
2. 308
3. 836
4. 1144
5. 4576

Correct choice (3). Correct answer is 836 sqcm

Explanatory Answer
Total surface area of a right circular cylinder is 2*pi*r*h + 2pi * r^2
Base diameter of the cylinder is 14cm.
Hence, its base radius is 7cm.
Therefore, total surface area is 2*(22/7) * 7 * 12 + 2*(22/7)*7^2
= 528 + 308 = 836

Mensuration is a relatively easy topic to master. Learn all the common formulae for volume, surface area, total surface area of solids such as right circular cylinder, right circular cone, sphere, hemisphere. Solve 10 to 12 questions, at least, for each of the formulae and you should be able to ace questions from this topic.

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