TANCET 2013 Questions and Evaluation Scheme

Note: Marks will not be deducted for the questions left unanswered.
NORMALISATION OF TANCET 2013 MARKS for M.E./ M.Tech./ M.Arch./ M.Plan The entrance test for M.E./M.Tech./M.Arch./M.Plan. has two common parts namely, Part- I Engineering Mathematics and Part-II Basic Engg. & Sciences and Part- III meant for different disciplines. On evaluation, the mean (m) mark and the standard deviation (s) of raw marks (r) may vary from discipline to discipline under Part - III. Normalised marks are obtained using the formula Normalised marks = 40 + (10/s) (r – m) This gives the relative ranking of the candidate in any discipline.

TANCET 2013 ANSWER SHEET HANDLING The candidate has to choose the correct answer and shade the corresponding small open box provided for that question in the answer sheet with either a HB pencil or a ball point pen (blue or black). If more than one open box is shaded for any question, then it will be treated as wrong answer. A ball point pen should be used only wherever writing is involved. The shaded information is scanned and the details are transferred to computer for evaluation. Even a small stray of Pen/Pencil mark on the sheet will be captured by the scanner which may result in wrong evaluation. When changes are to be made in the answer sheet, the initial pencil shading must be erased completely before shading the new open box. The open box should be fully shaded so that the number printed inside completely disappears. Improper shading and light shading are likely to be missed by the scanner, which may also result in wrong evaluation.

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