TANCET Syllabus

TANCET Syllabus for MBA

The MBA question paper consists of 5 parts on the topics discussed below:

  • Typical business situations are given and candidates have to pick out the data and apply those data to business decisions.
  • Comprehension
  • Mathematics problems based on graduate level which also includes those learnt in class 12 or equivalent.
  • Questions based on errors in usage of English, grammar and punctuation.
  • Questions based on data sufficiency and use of facts of day-to-day.

TANCET Syllabus for MCA

MCA question paper is designed to test the candidate’s capability in following areas:

  • Analytical reasoning
  • Computer awareness
  • Quantitative Ability
  • Logical reasoning

Question paper may also contain questions based on basic science, verbal activity etc.

TANCET Syllabus for M.Tech/M.Arch/M.E./M.Plan

Mathematics (common for all candidates)

  • Determinants and Matrics
  • Calculus and ordinary Differential Equations
  • Probability and Statistics.
  • Vector calculus
  • Analytic function theory
  • Numerical Methods

TANCET Civil Engg. & Geo. Informatics Syllabus

  • Concrete and Steel Structure
  • Fluid Mechanics and Water Resources Engineering
  • Surveying
  • Remote Sensing
  • Mechanics of Solids and Structural Analysis
  • Soil Mechanics and Geo Technical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

TANCET Basic Engg. and Sciences Syllabus (Common for all Candidates)

  • Fundamental of Applied Mech.
  • Basic Civil Engg.
  • Basic Mechanical Engg.
  • Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • Fundamentals of Chemistry
  • Fundamentals of Material Science
  • Basic Electrical Engg
  • Fundamentals of Computers
  • Fundamentals of Physics

TANCET Electrical, Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation and Avionics Syllabus

  • DC & AC Machines
  • Communication Systems
  • Network Analysis
  • Transducers and Instrumentation
  • Circuit Theory
  • Control Systems
  • Power Electronics
  • Microprocessors, Computer Applications
  • Avionics

TANCET Mechanical, Automobile and Aeronautical Engineering Syllabus

  • Material Science and Metallurgy
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Automotive Engines
  • Aerodynamics
  • Strength of Materials
  • Mechanics and Machine Design
  • Thermo dynamics
  • Production Technology
  • Automotive Transmission
  • Aerospace Propulsion

TANCET Earth Sciences Syllabus

  • Physical Geology and Geo Morphology
  • Structural Geology
  • Geo Physics and Engineering Geology
  • Remote Sensing
  • Petrology
  • Economic Geology
  • Hydro Geology

TANCET Computer Science and Engineering Syllabus

  • Micro Processor and Hardware Systems
  • System Programming including Assemblers, Compilers and Operating Systems
  • Database Systems
  • Discrete Mathematical Structures, Formal Language and Automatia
  • Computer Organization and Architecture
  • Programming Methodology, Algorithms including A1 Algorithm and Data Structures.
  • Computer Networks

TANCET Production and Industrial Engineering Syllabus

  • Tool Engineering, Metrology and inspection, Machine tool operation
  • Product Design, Cost Estimate, Process Planning, Design of Jigs and Fixtures and Press Tools
  • Operations Management
  • Casting, metal forming and metal joining processes
  • Engineering Materials, Computer Aided Manufacturing and Processing of Plastics
  • Operations Research
  • Quality Control Reliability and Maintenance

TANCET Applied Probabilities and Statistics Syllabus

  • Measures of central tendency and Dispersion
  • Random variable
  • Sampling, sampling distribution and Estimation
  • Time series
  • Probability – Introductory ideas
  • Standard Probability distributions
  • Correlation and Regression analysis

TANCET Leather Technology Syllabus

  • Chemistry of Proteins – keratin and Collagen
  • Technologies aspects of various leather manufacture
  • Leather Machinery
  • Analysis and Testing of Materials used in Leather as well as Leather Processing
  • Principles of various pre-tanning, tanning and post-tanning finishing operations
  • Designing and Construction of Footwear and Leather Goods
  • Environmental & Management in Leather Industries – Animal and Tannery by-products Utilisation

TANCET Chemistry, Chemical Engg. & Ceramic Tech Syllabus

  • Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Thermo dynamics and Kinetics
  • Fluid Flow
  • IR, NMR and Mass Spectrometry
  • Glass & Cement
  • Organic reactions
  • Chemical Process Industries
  • Fine Ceramics
  • Electro Chemistry
  • Polymer Chemistry and Polymerization Processes
  • Refractory Materials

TANCET Architecture Syllabus

  • Building Materials
  • History of Architecture
  • Town Planning
  • Building Services
  • Climatology
  • Building Construction and Technology
  • Housing, Urban Design and Renewal
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Principles of Architecture

TANCET Textile Technology Syllabus

  • Textile Fibers – Properties and Production
  • Fabric Production
  • Chemical Processing of Textile Materials
  • Spinning
  • Textile Physics
  • Process and Quality Control in Textile Materials

TANCET Physics and Material Science Syllabus

  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Modern Physics
  • Chemical and Thermal properties of materials
  • Crystal Physics
  • Mechanical and Electronic Properties of Materials
  • Optics and Quantum Mechanics
  • Traditional and advanced ceramics

TANCET Social Sciences Syllabus

  • Settlement Geography
  • Industrial locations
  • Information Systems
  • Community Development
  • Economic Geography
  • Agglomeration Economics
  • Industrialization Policy
  • Urban Sociology
  • Development Economics and Planning
  • Social Development
  • Regional Planning
  • Rural Development
  • Economic base of settlements
  • Change, Public Participation
  • Land Economics


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